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Bianca Bryan was born on October 2, in some unknown year in Pretoria, South Africa. Born as Bianca Carragher, to diplomat parents, she spent the majority of her young life overseas in Africa and South America and, last but not least, Northern Virginia.

She was always a ham, but she didn't get serious about performing until her sister forced her to join chorus in high school. During sophomore year, her voice teacher said the words that made her never look back: "You can do this professionally if you want!"

She finished high school at a boarding school for the arts, Walnut Hill School in Natick, MA. NYC became her home when she moved to the Big Apple at the age of 17 to attend Manhattan School of Music as a voice major. She got a Bachelor of Music from MSM, stuck with opera for a year, then transitioned to musical theater for the next 5 years. She went back for a Masters in Acting at Brooklyn College, and now she feels at home in the worlds of theater, film, voiceover, and television.

After being in NYC for 16 years, in the fall of 2012, she decided to leave for the 'burbs! She resides just outside of Richmond, VA with her husband and their two children.  

Need a daily Bianca fix? Listen for her here on 88.9 VPM (Central VA's NPR affiliate) as their funding credits announcer, on TV she hosts Real Virginia and during the summer season, is the PA Announcer for your Double A MiLB Richmond Flying Squirrels!

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