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Wows for Wings

"Bianca Bryan is brilliant as Emily Stilson, a former wing walker (a daredevil who performs acrobatics or stunts on the wings of a moving plane) navigating through the darkness and struggling to recover her memories and her words after suffering a stroke." -Julinda D. Lewis, RVArt

"Bianca Bryan brings her beautiful voice and considerable talent to the lead role. She's on stage every minute and embodies the character's confusing journey with considerable skill... Bianca Bryan's masterful performance is made even more compelling by the dazzling light and sound show that surrounds her." -Jerry Williams, Richmond Magazine

"The story revolves around a woman, Emily Stilson, played winningly by Bianca Bryan... Bryan has truly outdone herself both in terms of her acting and her singing." -John Porter, WCVE

"And a host of skilled actors, led by the always-arresting Bianca Bryan in the title role of fly-girl Emily Stilson, bring snap and sympathy to this portrait of a woman permanently grounded by a stroke." -Tony Farrell, Richmond Times Dispatch


Victories for The View UpStairs

"Although the entire cast is strong both vocally and in their acting chops, other noteworthy performances include Michael Schimmele’s performance as Freddy, specifically vocally and in drag; Bianca Bryan’s hilarious portrayal as Freddie’s Puerto Rican mother, Inez; and John Mincks’s misunderstood vagrant Dale." - Jo Rozycki, GayRVA.com


Good Words for Grounded

"In a stroke of perfect, ironclad casting, GROUNDED offers us powerhouse actor Bianca Bryan as the nameless, jut-jawed pilot standing at parade rest as the drama opens, happy in her work and proud of her hard-earned status among the macho brotherhood... Until, that is, she finds herself pregnant and shipped home from the Middle East." - Tony Farrell, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"[Bianca] Bryan’s performance is steadfast and deliberate... She radiates a determined and intimidating machismo [and] carries the heavy verbal retelling beautifully, and director Maggie Roop navigates her actor around the small playing space with ease..." - Michael Todd, GayRVA.com

"Bianca Bryan’s performance sears with [an] emotional intensity and powerhouse physicality... Her ferocious energy and confident swagger give the drama a finely-tuned intensity." - Jerry Williams, TVJerry Sifter


Accolades for Assassins

Bianca Bryan gave a deliciously nuanced performance as Sarah Jane Moore, one of the people who tried to assassinate Gerald Ford. Unrecognizable in her coterie of frump, Bryan reminded one of a New Jersey housewife on Zoloft. Very funny. -Fred Kaufman, GayRVA

Standouts include Matt Shofner’s spirited solo, the comic interactions between Bianca Bryan and Lauren Elens and a touching moment from Dante Piro.  -Jerry Williams, TV Jerry Sifter


Kudos for King Lear

Bianca Bryan is just fascinating to watch. I’m pretty sure it’s her eyes. And her acting. She gives Goneril, a pill in my book, a delicious Evil Queen bearing and countenance that makes you want to hide your children. -Fred Kaufman, GayRVA

Nods for No Exit

From start to finish, (Bianca) Bryan portrays Inez as a strong, unrepentant and highly intelligent character... This well-done one-act play makes existentialism entertaining. Whether or not you are a fan of Sartre, “No Exit” is worth seeing for the solid ensemble performance by Hopkins, Bryan and Jesse. - Julinda Lewis, Richmond Times Dispatch

... but it's Bianca Bryan's all encompassing portrayal of the lesbian secretary that's most electrifying. Foot tapping, eyes piercing, legs open when sitting, she's a fiercely cruel combatant. - Karen Newton, icouldgoonandon.blogspot.com


Compliments for Caroline, or Change:

Bianca Bryan is fantastic as the uptight and usually very stressed out Rose. She delivers every line with precision and has a gorgeous singing voice.- Jen Maciulewicz, GayRVA.com

White, Jewish, and a northern transplant, stepmother Rose is also working hard to figure out her relationship with her stepson, Noah, her husband, and Caroline, the black maid – a dynamic that (Bianca) Bryan pulls off in awkward but authentic fashion.- Karen Schwartzkopf, Richmond Family Magazine

Hurrahs for Hedwig and The Angry Inch:

"While the focus is clearly on (Matt) Shofner, he has an expert foil in (Bianca) Bryan. Quiet and brooding during most scenes, Yitzhak shows flashes of impertinence and his last scene is a revelation. All through the show, (Bianca) Bryan’s backing vocals fill out the songs with the perfect sonic ballast." - David Timberline, Style Weekly

"Shofner was brilliant. And so was Bianca Bryan as Yitzhak. Her beautiful high voice was the perfect complement to Shofner’s raw and tender sound. I laughed and I cried. I sighed. I applauded with abandon." - Julie Clayton, GayRVA.com

"Bianca Bryan brings supreme, guttural yawp to Yitzhak, the supporting partner nursing his own transvestite-identity dreams."- Tony Farrell, Richmond Times Dispatch

Shofner gives a dynamic, memorable and multi-dimensional performance breathing life into this character, and demonstrating command of the stage and the audience. Hedwig also demonstrates command over Yitzhak, her brooding, submissive, drag queen husband, portrayed equally masterfully by Bianca Bryan... Vocally, Shofner and Bryan could easily release this performance on I-tunes and make a fortune." - Bruce Levy, Broadway World

Sycophancy for A Streetcar Named Desire:

"The character of Blanche Dubois is so expertly written and when the right actress is cast in the role, she is beyond captivating. And that is indeed true with the casting of Bianca Bryan as Blanche for Firehouse... in my opinion [Bianca Bryan] IS Blanche." - Jen Maciulewicz, GayRVA.com

"As Blanche, Bryan's steady unraveling is one of many highlights of this production." - Jeremy Bustin, Broadway World

"...the excellent Bianca Bryan treats us to a Blanche mixing pathos and antique melodrama to perfection." - Tony Farrell, Richmond Times Dispatch

Testimonials for Twelfth Night:

"Bryan and Raintree are both engaging..."-David Timberline, Style Weekly

Cheers for The Clean House:

“As Matilde, Bianca Bryan is energetic and entertaining. She gives a consistent performance, never wavering from her character’s Brazilian roots.”- Joan Tupponce, Richmond.com

“In two exceptional performances, Bryan and Guarino share a sweet, supportive chemistry while Matilde becomes the sister to Virginia that Lane never was.”- David Timberline, Style Weekly