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In the proverbial "When it Rains it Pours" category....I've also just been informed that Untapped VA has ALSO won a TELLY award under the "General - Entertainment for Television" category!

Woot woot!! Stay updated with UntappedVA here.

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Richmond Family Magazine I am thrilled to share this great write-up by Joan Tupponce, from Richmond Family Magazine!

You can read it online here:

Or below:

Actress Bianca Bryan Fell in Love with RVA and Never Looked Back


 Joan Tupponce


In this nasty cold and flu season, actress Bianca Bryan is using every trick she can to keep her voice strong and healthy for her role as the circa 1900s aviatrix daredevil Emily Stilson in Firehouse Theatre’s production of Wings: The Musical.

The haunting chamber musical revolves around the journey Stilson takes as she fights her way back to language and comprehension after a stroke.

Trained in opera as well as musical theater, Bryan sings 90 percent of the time she is on stage in Firehouse’s production. She admits to “being a little more neurotic than usual” when it comes to protecting her voice.

“I’ve done some research on singing strenuous roles and how to stay healthy,” she says, noting she’s taking vitamins and using humidifiers and a diffuser with essential oils.

When she took this role, she knew she would be going back to her vocal roots – she has a bachelor’s degree in opera from Manhattan School of Music. But, she hasn’t sung opera since she became more involved in musical theater, films, commercials, and television.

What drew her to Wings was the music. “It’s so challenging,” she says. “I was also drawn to the character. The character has to speak to me and she did.”

Bryan enjoys being able to tell a character’s story even, she says, if that character is evil. “It’s about finding where their truth is, where they justify themselves.”

In Wings, she takes an introspective look at the rehabilitation process Stilson’s mind is going through after her stroke. “What do people cling to? What do they remember when they have lost the ability to speak or move,” Bryan says. “Emily is experiencing something she never expected to experience. This is fascinating to explore.”

A familiar face in Richmond’s theater scene, Bryan got interested in singing when she was in elementary school, often belting out the songs of Whitney Houston and Dolly Parton. She didn’t get serious about music until high school.

“My sister was always in chorus and she said I should do it too,” Bryan recalls. “My sophomore year, my chorus instructor told me to start private voice lessons and that gave me the validation I needed.”

The child of diplomat parents – she was born in Pretoria, South Africa – Bryan lived in Africa and South America before eventually moving to Northern Virginia. She has a masters in acting from Brooklyn College in addition to her degree in opera. She moved to Richmond in 2012 after spending sixteen years in New York City.

The mom of a 5-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son, Bryan and her husband didn’t want to raise their family in New York City. She discovered Richmond by visiting her sister who moved here after college. “Richmond became my home away from home,” she says.

The city was definitely on her radar when she received a call from Steve Perigard in 2008 when he was casting The Clean House for Virginia Rep. “I can still see where I was when I got that call. I was at Macy’s on 34th Street,” she says.

Moving to Chesterfield four years later was the “best thing we have ever done,” she says. “It was kind of a blind move, but we felt like it was the right place to be.”

While she knew Richmond was a strong theater town, she didn’t realize it was also booming in film, television, and commercial work. “That has been a nice addition to my working at WCVE as a funding credits announcer,” Bryan says.

Since moving to Richmond and working with Modelogic, she has done commercials for a variety of well-known businesses including Walmart, Geico, and American Family Fitness. She also does corporate videos and worked as a stand-in for Mary Elizabeth Winstead in season one of Mercy Street and as a utility stand-in for Homeland.

When it comes to theater, Bryan tries to rotate the theater companies she works with in order to get a “different experience with each company,” she says. “I also limit myself to three shows a year. My goal is to have done each of those three with a different company and for each show to be drastically different from the one before because I want to utilize different parts of myself.”

Wings: The Musical runs through March 10 at Firehouse Theatre. Go here for showtimes and tickets.

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Geico National Commercial! Keep your eyes out for me in a Geico national commerical, airing in the next few months for a one year run! Woot woot!

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2018 is off to a GREAT start! Well, let's hope January sets the bar for 2018! So far, I have another Hamilton Beach video shoot next week, two Unboxed shoot days later in the month, A Mass Tort campaign shoot the week of the 15th (rehearsals for Wings also start on 1/15), and the "Popular Show starring the Former My So Called Life Star" returns on 1/9, so more stand-in work should ensue. Huzzah!

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Word is OUT! Hedwig RETURNS!

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SUPER SECRET THEATER NEWS! Coming soon! But I am BOOKED second and third weekends in December, and RVA is going to freak once they find out what's happening!

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Tamora in Titus! I am thrilled to announce I will be playing Tamora in Titus Andronicus, opposite David Bridgewater, at Agecroft Hall in the summer of 2018! Can't wait to sink my teeth into such a devilishly delicious evil role! More info here:

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Two (more) RTCC nominations! I am humbled and absolutely thrilled to announce that I have been nominated for two RTCC's (Artsie's) again this season! This makes 5 nominations, but still no wins! I'm a regular Amy Adams or Julianne Moore. LOL. But as, they say, and I truly believe this, the honor is in the nomination.


The nominations are as follows:

Best Supporting Actress (Musical)

Bianca Bryan, Assassins

Christie Jackson, Heathers: The Musical

Louise Ricks, It Shoulda Been You

Susan Sanford, It Shoulda Been You

Yvonne Strumecki, In the Heights

Best Actress (Play)

Bianca Bryan, Grounded, TheatreLAB

Jessie Kraemer, Dry Land, TheatreLAB

Katrinah Carol Lewis, Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992, TheatreLAB

Boomie Pedersen, Mother Courage and Her Children, TheatreLAB

Dawn Westbrook, Grand Concourse


Find all the nominees announced in the Richmond Times Dispatch below:


The award ceremony will be held October 9th. Now time to find a dress, make the hair and nails appointment, and (possibly) write a speech! EEK!!

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August=Big Voiceover Month! Besides my normal WCVE funding credits announcer position here, you'll hear me lots of other places this month! I've recently recorded State Fair of VA, Chesapeake Bank, and Anthem commercials, which should all be airing statewide shortly! 

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Preview for The View Upstairs Great interview with Jo Rozycki with GayRVA below! Find the original article here.

Richmond Triangle Players opens its 25th season with The View UpStairs by Max Vernon and directed by Lucian Restivo. The musical is part of the “Our Theatre, Our Stories, Our Lives” theme of the season, highlighting some of the most influential work of the LGBTQ theatre, as well as celebrating the diversity of the community within our world. This season comes at a time when diversity and inclusivity are points of contention due to our current administration, a theme which runs heavily through The View UpStairs.

“It starts off in current day about a fashion designer who goes in to buy a building to turn into his flagship store,”  Bianca Bryan (Inez) told GayRVA. After leaving New York, main character Wes buys a run-down building in New Orleans, with little hope of turning the ruins into his hopeful dream store. “It magically transforms into what it was in 1973,” said Bryan. What it was back in 1973 was The UpStairs Lounge. “It was a local watering hole,” said Doug Schneider (Buddy). “This story is kind of a fantasy about this terrible event.”

What Schneider is referencing is the 1973 UpStairs Lounge arson. 32 people were burned to death from the supposed arson attack, making it the deadliest attack on the LGBTQ community prior to the Pulse shooting. “This was Max Vernon’s very strong reaction to Pulse,” said Schneider.

While the show does tell the story of the horrific incident, there are also subtle themes and messages within the main character’s journey. “I think it also is just a reminder of where we all come from, and in so many ways how far we’ve come and what we still need to accomplish, what needs to change,” said Schneider. Vernon’s millennial perspective also gives voice to the popular, “fabulous” hook-up culture that feeds the stereotype of the gay community. “I think Max is really saying, ‘My generation needs to wake up too. Life is not reality TV. Life is not just being fabulous and having lots of money and how much sex you can have,’” said Schneider.

With a score full of rock n’ roll, pop, and jazz, Richmond Triangle Players takes the audience back to the hidden nightlife that the LGBTQ community once had to search for behind blacked out curtains, secret entrances, and back alleys. Although being “out” is more realistic in this day and age, there are still parallels with the 1970s that strike a chord today. “You’d think that we as a country have come so far with the LGBTQ acceptance [tthat there wouldn't be] the parallels of what’s happening in ’73 versus what’s happening now, and almost the fear of regression now,” said Bryan. The story also brings a word of caution. “It’s interesting to just see where we were back then and where we are now, and also it’s kind of a warning like, ‘Don’t take a step back,’” said Bryan.

In a time when holding hands with your loved one was deemed a dangerous move, people in the 1970s never thought that same sex marriage would be a reality. Although the world we live in is far from perfect, recognizing the struggles and triumphs those before us made to bring us to where we are today is important. “I think [Vernon]‘s written a show about hope [and] tragedy that hopefully will remind people that out of tragedy, we can make ourselves better,” said Schneider. “We do make ourselves better.”

In a world where the news jumps from tragedy to tragedy like the seconds on a clock, taking a moment to reflect on the progress that has been made, as well as honoring the lives that have been lost in the process, can put the progress itself into perspective. “So much of our legacy and what we stand on is the shoulders of people that have fought for us to be able to do this. To have a theatre that is gay-oriented, that deals with diversity,” said Schneider. “My theory about doing theatre, about why we perform, is about holding the mirror up to humanity. The thing that I love about Richmond Triangle Players is that everything they do is rooted in love. It is rooted in looking for the decency in humanity. This show is no exception to that.”

The View UpStairs opened August 9 and runs through September 2. Ticket information can be found here.


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WINGS the Musical

I am thrilled to announce I'll be playing Emily Stilson in the musical WINGS, A musical adaptation of Arthur Kopit's play; music by Jeffrey Lunden; book and lyrics by Arthur Perlman, this upcoming February 2018. More info below, and here:


The play takes place over a period of two years.

An old victrola plays a scratchy song. A woman laughs. This song brings back pleasant memories for her, and she starts to hum along. Suddenly, the record slows. The sound distorts. We think something’s happened to the victrola! No. Something’s happened to the woman who is listening. Her name is Emily Stilson, but right now it might as well be Alice, and Alice has just fallen through the hole.

Into what?

She does not know. What she sees and hears make no sense to her. Stranger still, she can’t remember who she is. She thinks perhaps she’s dreaming. She wonders if she’s dead.

She’s not.

Wings is the story of Emily Stilson’s terrible and wondrous journey.

The journey of the play itself is almost as remarkable.

In the fall of 1976, National Public Radio commissioned me to write an original radio play. They did not stipulate what the play should be about. I decided to write about something that had been on my mind almost constantly since the past spring.

That was when my father suffered a major stroke, rendering him incapable of speech. Because of complications related to his aphasia, and typical of stroke, it was impossible to know how much he comprehended. As best I could, I had been trying to understand what he was going through. It seemed to me that, regardless of how reduced his senses were, the isolation he was being forced to endure had to verge on the intolerable. Yet, not only did he tolerate this state; every now and then, if one watched carefully enough, something escaped from this shell that was his body and his prison which I felt possessed a kind of glow, rather like a lamp way off in the dark, something only barely perceptible. I took these faint flashes to be him, signaling. And although I allowed for the possibility that what I was perceiving was nothing but the mirrored reflections of my own hopeful and constant signalings to him, nonetheless, it seemed to me – indeed, seemed irrefutable – that in some essential way, reduced as he was, he was still the same person he had been. This thought was both heartening and frightful. To what extent was he still intact? To what extent was he aware of what had befallen him? What was it like to be inside?

So, I thought, if I write about this terrible condition, maybe, through understanding, it will help ease my pain.

I knew of course that I could not write about him directly. Not only was I was too close to him for any objectivity, but his case was too severe, and grim, and grimness, I had now begun to see, was not really what this was all about.

So I looked elsewhere for a model. And realized I already had one: an elderly woman. I had met her that past summer while accompanying my father one day on his rounds. When he went down for speech therapy, she was one of the three other patients in the room, though, at first, her eyes were so strikingly alert I thought she was a visitor like me. I could not have invented her if I’d tried.

To get the session started, the therapist asked this woman if she could name the seasons of the year. With much effort, she did, though not in proper order. The therapist then asked her which of these seasons corresponded to the present. The woman turned to the window. It was open. She could see a garden, and flowers. She smiled. It was clear to all that she knew exactly what the season was. Any fool would!

But no word emerged.

So she tried another trick; she cocked her head and listened to all the birds. When this too led to nothing, she sniffed the air. When nothing came of this, she turned to what she was wearing, a light cotton dress; she even touched the fabric. Something connected. Her lips began to form a word. She shut her eyes and waited. The word emerged. Winter.

When informed it was summer she seemed astonished, how was it possible? Obviously she knew what season it was, anyone with eyes could tell what season it was! And yet . . .

She looked over to where I sat and shook her head in dismay. Then she laughed and said, “This is really nuts, isn’t it!”

I sat there, stunned. I could not believe that anyone making a mistake of such gross proportions and with such catastrophic implications could laugh at it all.

Later that afternoon, I inquired as to who she was, and was told she was a former aviatrix and wing-walker. I believe my response to this news was “What?” – although I think I may have said, “wing-walker?”

A nurse brought me to her room (she was out, gone down to dinner) and showed me a photograph pinned up on her wall; it had been taken when she was in her twenties. In the photograph, a biplane sits on a grassy field. The plane is a Curtiss Jenny. A pilot sits in the rear most of its two open cockpits; she is standing out on its lower wing, white silk scarf around her neck, goggles set back on top of her leather helmet. Her face is lean and handsome and imperious. The same noble and slightly quizzical smile I’d seen that afternoon is there. Her right hand is holding on to the wire stays behind her. Her eyes are filled with an unquenchable eager passion. Her left hand is waving toward the camera and the unseen throng.

This woman, whom I never met again, became Emily Stilson. Wings is what it is because of her.

A year after I wrote the radio play, I adapted it for the stage. In the winter of 1978, Jeffrey Lunden and Arthur Perlman saw this stage version, with Constance Cummings as Emily, at the Kennedy Center, in Washington, D.C., where it was playing just prior to moving to Broadway. Clearly the play sparked something in them that mattered deeply, for eleven years later they got in touch with me and asked if they could set my play to music. I thought it was an odd request. A play about stroke – set to music?

But then again, it was certainly no odder than the way this play itself had come to be. What you have here is the result; to my mind – and I am not alone in this – a soaringly remarkable result. Fully worthy of that handsome elderly woman who dared to walk on wings.

As Emily says, “What a strange adventure I am having!”

– Arthur Kopit

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Lempicka the Musical-A Reading This is EXCITING! Saturday at 4pm in Theatre Gym at VA Repertory Theatre!

Rachel Chavkin (TONY Nominated Director of The Great Comet), Matt Gould (Composer of Witness Uganda aka Invisible Thread), and Playwright Carson Kreitzer (The Love Song of J. Robert Oppenheimer) will be discussing the process of new work development and their Broadway bound new musical Lempicka.

You will also be the first eyes and ears to witness selections of the latest draft. The music will be sung by the composer, with Katrinah LewisAndrew Firda and myself lending our talents to bring the script to life.

RSVP to:

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Oh happy day! Love getting unexpected offers! I had my eye on this one, but couldn't audition due to a conflict I had, but low and behold the stars aligned and I was offered the role sight unseen! I'll be playing Inez in The View UpStairs by Max Vernon! It's a brand new musical that just played off-Broadway in NYC and Richmond Triangle Players was lucky enough to get the rights! The show runs August 9-September 2, 2017. More info about the show here:

Synopsis below:

The View UpStairs “TAKES YOUR BREATH AWAY!” (Time Out New York). This provocative new musical pulls you inside the UpStairs Lounge, a vibrant '70s gay bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The forgotten community comes to life when a young fashion designer from 2017 buys the abandoned space, setting off an exhilarating journey of seduction and self-exploration that Entertainment Weekly calls “a moving homage to LGBT culture, past and present.” Filled with “beautiful love songs performed by a soulful ensemble cast” (The New Yorker), it's “an eye-popping roller coaster for the visual senses” with “a jambalaya of sexed-up tunes! Sung by an outstanding cast, The View UpStairs has all of the ingredients for an iconic cult phenomenon!” (Edge Media Network).

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Press for Grounded! Read original article here:

TheatreLAB ends ‘Cellar Series’ with one woman show about war, drones and the space between

TheatreLAB, a home for conversation-worthy theatre in Richmond, proudly presents Grounded by George Brant as a finale to The Cellar Series: When The Other Becomes the Self. The series, which brings smaller scale/budget productions with shorter runs, focuses on “one-woman explorations on violence and war, religion and racism, love, self-loathing, personal growth and sacrifice.”

Grounded, directed by the creative Maggie Roop, finishes off this cathartic series detailing a fighter pilot whose career suddenly changes when she finds out she is pregnant.

The pilot, played by the incomparable Bianca Bryan, must adjust after a successful career flying in the open blue sky is traded for a windowless Las Vegas bunker where she must operate military drones to hunt terrorists behind a computer screen.

The line between her life with her family in the Las Vegas desert, and the desert she is patrolling half a world, away blurs as the pressure to find a high-profile target grows; the familiar colors of her day to day life start to fade to gray as the distance between her work and the fuzzy details of her assignment begin to fill in through the unwanted help of her mind. The emotional journey The Pilot goes through–which, at times, is quite literally an emotional rollercoaster–is an internal struggle while she transitions from high-flying pilot to “Chair Force” drone operator.

Playwright George Brant did not leave many details in the script in terms of set or even character description for the show’s singular character of “The Pilot,” who remains unnamed.

“I think this is key as to why he made this a one-woman show, because you watch this show and your mind fills in all the missing blanks,” Bryan said in a recent interview GayRVA.

Roop agreed.

“The biggest challenge is to make the world clear,” she said. “This particular play is meant to be done very minimally.”

With just one actor and a chair and a screen in front of The Pilot, Roop and her creative team had to figure out how to tell this story while keeping in mind Brant’s abstract theme throughout the course of the play. Sound and projection designer Kelsey Cordrey utilizes projections to set the tone and location for the audience, as well as sounds and songs that set the mood, whether it be joyful or pure static.

Costume and props designer Amber Marie Martinez gave Bryan a flight jumpsuit as her singular costume piece, the symbol of her status as well as her physical reminder of keeping her–well, grounded.

Both Bryan and Roop said audiences should come in with their imaginations open and their ideas about war, technology, and distance challenged. Additionally, both actor and director said that this was a story that needs to be told.

Bryan explained that the technology the Air Force is using with drones overseas is truly eye opening, as well as the desensitized training the drone operators are put through in order to man the planes. “That doesn’t even begin to cover what is happening to the poor people overseas. And what’s to say that everybody has this capability and we’re the only country doing it right now?”

Roop made similar comments.

“The more I’ve learned about the drone program and the more I’ve educated myself about the global effect that this new technology is having on our international relationships, the more important I think it is for people to see this,” she said.

While services like Amazon and UPS are attempting to normalize drone delivery services within our day to day lives, Grounded flips the lens on this topic, proving just how fine the line is between a screen and a drone. Perhaps even more concerning is how quickly our world can start to fade to gray as the distance that once seemed great between us and the harrowing action can rapidly decrease in the blink of an eye.

Grounded opens TODAY and runs through June 3rd at The Basement at TheatreLAB, 300 E Broad St. You can snag tickets here!


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UntappedVA (again) and a touring gig! Here is the latest and greatest from Untapped VA! Enjoy! We are currently searching for a new male host, so while we are still in production, things have slowed down a teensy bit. We should be back up in our full production schedule soon!


If you are Chicago or Philly, take note! I am headed your way in the month of March for a touring industrial gig with Altria. I'll be playing the role of Teresa, a smart boss lady (typecast again!). If you are in the area, give me a holler!


After that, I hit the ground running (pun intended) for George Brandt's Grounded! More details about that here:


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Role of a lifetime, UntappedVA Ep.3, and more news! Well, I'll be laying low in the theater scene in RVA through the Winter and Spring months as I was just cast as The Pilot in Grounded, at TheatreLAB in May 2017. This is absolutely a role of a lifetime! Anne Hathaway played the role at The Public in 2015. You can read all about that here. So, since I have 85 minutes of dialogue to memorize, I'll be holed up doing that until May. Meanwhile, you can spot me in UntappedVA nationwide in Cox cable markets, as we just finished shooting Episode 3. Over the holidays, you'll see me in a statewide EZPass commercial and in print in GenaCross marketing material... and as always, you can stream me daily on WCVE here.

Now, I'm off to start memorizing!!

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2 shoots, Untapped VA Episode 2, and tech! Good week here--shot two commercials; one for Richmond Association of Realtors and one for EZ Pass which should begin airing in January. Untapped VA Episode 2 has aired and can be seen here:

Tomorrow we enter into the tech vortex for Assassins, opening next Friday night! Tickets can be purchased here:

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Assassins and Untapped VA News! It's theater time! After a summer of relaxation and vacationing, I am ready to be back on STAGE! I'll be appearing in Assassins with Quill Theatre as Sara Jane Moore! I am so excited to delve into this character, and work with some new (and some old faves!) people in the RVA theater scene. More info can be found here:


Also, I just got word that Untapped VA has been picked up for a whole season! We will shoot through the Fall and Spring of 2017. If you missed the Pilot, you can view it here:








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Shoot, VO session, shoot, shoot! Ahhhh, I love the end of summer/ beginning of fall... it seems the bookings start rolling in! Last Friday I shot an industrial for Interactive (interestingly enough, at the WCVE studios!), tomorrow I am recording the voiceover for a State Fair of VA spot, next week my daughter and I have our 3rd shoot together: a commercial for Davenport Propane, and next Wednesday I head up to Baltimore for more Carmax industrials! Oh yea... feeling good!

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UntappedVA! I am so excited about this opportunity! I will be hosting a show focusing on Virginia's thriving craft beer scene, called UntappedVA. I get to drink beer on camera! Could there be a better job? It will be airing nationally in all areas that have Cox cable. We plan to shoot five episodes over the next two months and I will be posting them on my site as soon as they are available!

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